How a Seaplane race helped save Britain from Invasion


I am sure some of you have heard of the Schneider Trophy which was started back in 1913 or to give it full title Coupe d’Aviation Maritime Jacques Schneider.

This race was world famous in it day and it lead to a rapid development of aircraft and engines.

The Schneider Trophy

The aircraft in the photo is called Supermarine S6B which won the trophy after the British government stopped supporting the trophy. A wealthy woman called Lucy, Lady Huston put up the money for the cup to be run. Lucy Lady HoustonĀ  . This aircraft was the basis for the Supermarine Spitfire and The North American Mustang both world beating fighter aircraft.

Supermarine S6

The S6 was designed by a team led by now legendary RJ Mitchell and Joe Smith a much less well known designer who took over RJ’s death from cancer and lead the team designing Spitfires. He died in 1956 two years after the Spitfire left front line service with the RAF.

Joseph Smith

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