Why you should go to EAA Air Venture.

Art Nellis flying the world’s only privately owned Harrier Jet

My guess if you are reading this blog then you like aircraft like me. Now I have you been to the biggest air show in the world ? I not then you really should, I am very lucky I have been going since 2012. I got interested in the show through a guy who is now a good friend of mine who runs a blog called Air Pigz  He hasn’t posted for a while but well worth a visit.

He had a caption contest on his blog a photo a of Cessna 152 with a large prop and I won the contest and the prize was a bacon sandwich. The only catch it was at Oshkosh which I had heard but I knew very little about. So I thought why not? I booked my flights, hotel and a rental car. I only bought tickets for 3 days that was a mistake. I was blown away by the sheer size of the place. The bad thing was the hotel was a hour’s drive south of Oshkosh.

Where else can you see so many Mustang P51s ?

Just a few facts from last year’s air show which was a record breaking show for sheer numbers of people, planes and campers. 500,000 people and 10,000 aircraft attended last year’s show and it could be even bigger this year.

Harvard’s or if your prefer Texan T6

The best thing about Oshkosh is the people they are just awesome. I have made so many friends from attending Oshkosh  avgeeks, pilots, and podcasters. That is biggest thing about Oshkosh to quote a good friend of mine “The first year go for the planes, the second you go for the people”. There always parties to attend and people to meet up with.

If you like war birds there just hundreds of them to see from T6s to a B29 or maybe two. Jets and piston engined aircraft. Also there hundreds of vintage aircraft to see

This being a example of just one of the hundreds of vintage aircraft

All these photos where taken by me at EAA air venture. Here is just a few of aircraft you can see at Oshkosh


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I almost forgot there is another section well worth a visit as well the Seaplane base which only there for one week a year. Where you see aircraft like these



So if you are still interested in going here is the EAA air venture website with more detail and cool videos.  Thanks for reading I hope you enjoy my photos.

EAA air venture

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