Air NZ and Bumping Passengers

So Air New Zealand are now making headlines by removing passengers from there flights. It of course very much a news worthy subject after the United airlines incident which we all know about by now. The link is below to the story

Passenger removed from Air New Zealand Flight

Air NZ do like all airlines need to move there crews around the country and that is normal but to remove someone from a flight with out even asking for volunteers seems a bit harsh to me. The money given to the passenger was just pitiful $200 NZ for being thrown off a flight you had booked seven months ago? It seems just so wrong it really should have done by who booked last. Of course Air New Zealand won’t answer complaints from anyone in the media. They will just say it’s our airline and we will do what we like to themselves of course not in public.

Of course we have don’t have much choice here in New Zealand with only two national carriers. The other being Jetstar which aren’t the best to fly with there is a long list complaints against them in the news.

Bride delayed by 13 hours because of Jetstar

I do like flying Air New Zealand but they are getting too greedy they sell themselves on having great customer service especially on long haul but there prices are just too high the food in economy is not awful but there was on my last flight so little of it. The snacks where a joke the same as you get on a domestic flight. Virgin Australia on other hand  are very generous  with there snacks  and you help yourself to coke and chips. On long haul flights.

They do need to raise there game or people will just fly long haul with other airlines when realize that Air New Zealand is just after maximum profits. Also there partnered with United for domestic flights in the US you can judge a airline by there partners.

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